Financial-economic weekly in Russian
Circulation – 10,000 copies. The newspaper’s volume is 32 pages of A3 format.

“Biznes-Vestnik Vostoka” is the first independent business weekly, which has been publishing since 1991. Since then “Biznes-Vestnik Vostoka” covered important events of politics and economic life of Uzbekistan. Economic reforms, undertaken in Uzbekistan, normative documents, adopted by the government in economic activity, tax and customs rules, statistic data, trade turnover operations, analysis of commodity markets, interviews with businesspeople and many others were covered by the newspaper.

Today “Biznes-Vestnik Vostoka” is an authoritative weekly among business circles of Uzbekistan with regular columns like “Bank and Finance”, “Insurance”, “Markets”, “Companies”, “Small and Medium Business”, “World Economy”, “Transport”, etc.

The newspaper’s policy is to be useful for its audience both during working time and leisure. That’s why “BVV-Afisha” publishes materials for home reading. Followings are some of columns of “BVV-Afisha”: “Personal interest”, “Auto Club”, “Be Healthy”, “Office”, “Home Interior” and others. The paper also publishes playbill, offers of clubs and restaurants for upcoming week.

In near future, the board of weekly is planning to implement new projects, which will be useful for businesses.

BVV Business Report

Financial-economic weekly in English
Circulation – 2,500 copies. The newspaper’s volume is 16 pages of A3 format.

BVV Business Report started publishing in May 2003 and to date it is only English language newspaper for business circles in the Uzbek mass media market.

BVV Business Report already has its own regular readers on behalf of international organisations and financial institutes, embassies, foreign companies, joint ventures, hotels, air companies, banks, etc.

The weekly covers politic and economic life of Uzbekistan and other Central Asian states, analytic materials on development of economic sectors, market reviews, rankings, information about activity of international organisations and NGOs, operating in Uzbekistan.

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